Feature Film:     Sian Ka’an Angel in the Rain forest-  Raul Garcia
Short Film:         Firemans Prayer                                         Woodbury College                                                     Supreme Combo   All Voices                  Woodbury College                                                      Clown Karma          Supporting               Blue Sky Productions
Television:         Rugrats                      Safety Song              Klasky Csupo
                                Psycho Ferret         Psycho’s Girl            Klasky Csupo
                                Sally Go-Go             Lead                            Global Tantrum
Recent Game:   Rogue Galaxy         Harry                           Sony                                         Web Animation: Kiz Planet                                                    Game Master    
Web:                      English Tutorial                                         Chinese Xchange
Promos:               Prudential              Narrator                    Prudential of Glenoaks
                                 SDI Media              Narrator                    SDI Media
                                 Ilio                             Announcer                Ilio Entertainments demo
                                 Recruitment         Narrator                   Wonderware
                                 The First Christmas                                 Head Productions
Book on tape:    The Wonderful Wizard of OZ               Narrator                LPP                                   S
poon River Anthologies                      Jennie M’Grew                             Peek A Book:     Last Laugh, Georgia Hawaii  The Quiet Book , Emma's Poem,        
                                Diary of  baby Wombat,  Good bye Sheepie    

                                All Maid Up         Principal              Oliver Oertel
                                Recycling Flo      Principal              Terri Hanauer
                                The Walk              Principal             Pam Arseneau                                                                        Out of Sync          Principal             Todd Lampe
                                Patients                 Supporting         Megan Thomas  

COMMERCIALS (recent)  Burger King, Inifinty,Heritage, OSCO Drugs,              
                                        Albertsons, SAVON, Select Health


THEATER (selected list) 

We Should Be Taller                         Improv Olympic
Piñata                   Essayist                 BANG!
Project 22            Improvisation     Hothouse
Kindernacht       Improvisation     Hothouse
The Truth            Improvisation     BANG!
ZHX                       Improvisation     Rob Adler 

                                The Beast             Improvisation     Hot House
                                Mayfly                  Improvisation     Chicago Improv

                                Trout                     Improvisation     BANG!
                                Heroine Addicts  Sketch Comedy  BANG!
                                Holy Peoria          Sketch Comedy  Comedy Store
                                You’re Soaking in it   Sketch          Next Stage 
                                Live Girl Talking - One Woman Show -Tamarind Theatre 
                                Swan Ride            Lead                       Actors Gang 
                                Broadway            Supporting          Actors Gang

TRAINING :                                                                                                                                           Improvisation: Hothouse:  Todd Stashwick, John Theis,  
                             BANG!: Eliza & Peter Murrieta
    Voice Over: Donna Grillo, Nancy Wolfson, Charlie Adler, Ginny McSwain,      
                             Kris Zimmerman, Pat Fraley, Michael Bell
    Unites States Air Force (honorably discharged) Sergeant
    BA in Theatre: The Colorado College (Magna Cum Laude)     

    Eye Crossing, Alternate Eyebrow Raising,  Nose Wiggling, Yoga
    ARDMS and RVT Ultrasonographer (Medical lingo/terminology)
    Dialects: Irish, Russian, British, Various U.S.     


Warner, a gifted voice over actress, has been performing, writing, and creating for most  of her life. She has been in many stage productions around the country.   
She has been seen in television and film.  Her voice talent can be heard on the radio in commercials, on the web all over China and in numerous video games. She is very active in the Los Angeles improv community. She produced and performed a one-woman show, "Live Girl Talking", (written by William Monigold). Her multi-layered and extremely funny performance received positive response from critics and audiences alike.  She appeared in "Recycling Flo", a short film which has won several awards in nationwide film festivals! 

Below is a selected resume

Warner Munroe
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